Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Saturday, 20 April 2019

⌗AtoZ challenge, April 19th 2019, letter Q

Here is my contribution to the A to Z Challenge of April 2019.
This is the first time I am participating in this challenge, so we'll see if I have the stamina to complete the whole month !

I am also, very ambitiously, writing for the April NaNoWriMo ! So the challenge is
twofold !! But I'm behind in the NaNoWrite, 1500 words out of 10 000 because I'm concentrating on research and building bridges with my contacts.

Hang on to your horse and enjoy the ride. And good luck to all my fellow participants.

If you would like to know more about the A to Z challenge, see today's post or participate in the future go here

In keeping with Tarkabarka Högly's post today, I have tried to encourage you to comment by adding some Questions at the end of my contribution.

Q is for Queen

We can be Queens, just for one day.

Queen on the hill, Queen in our home.
Queen of the people, listen, give, help.
Queen of our emotions, our thoughts.
Queen of our time, our choices.

We can be Queens of our likes and hates.
Gracious Queen with our friends.
Tender Queens to our families.
Loving Queen to our King.

We can Queen away the day.
Dream our futures, write them
in stone, live them together.
Queen the weather, bow to the sun.

Queen the lion and nurture the cubs.
Queen our meals, wash up when done.
Queen our waste, Queen our tastes.
Queen our strife, Queen our Life.


Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody  go here   Live Wembley Stadium, AID concert 1985.
Eddy Vedder, Society, from the Album Into the Wild, musical film score 2007  go here

Thank you for dropping by and reading. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. If you did, rate it. If you didn't, rate it anyway. Please feel free to post a comment. What are you Queen or King of ?
See you later, as the entry for Saturday is forthcoming. I am officially one day behind.

Cala Gonone, Nuoro, Sardagna, Italy. photo July 2015.

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