Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Saturday, 6 July 2019

⌗FMFriday, 5th July 2019, TAKE the money and run.

It's Friday again. Time for another post of Five Minute Friday. Write Five Minutes Flat on a word prompt.
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Today , the word is Take.

He took the money and ran. He ran, ran and ran again. Soles beating the cobbles, cycles zipping by, cars zooming overhead; balloons floating alone high above. He walked through forests and meadows. He climbed the highest mountain and rolled in the Midnight snow. He hiked down the cliffs, taking the goats' paths. Then, ran some more, on dirt tracks, along railways, over bridges. Across tripping streams, he hobbled. He swam, slicing a lake, Amazons swooping past his auburn locks.

He shuffled, exhausted, over farmland, hearing the bleating of sheep, the bark of a dog, the mooing of cows in pain, awaiting dawn to be milked. He crawled along, undeterred. Finally, the ocean stretched before him. He spotted a boat. He took the water-melon canoe, seized the oars and launched into the waves. He took in the sea air, the salt and the spindrift. He took to the horizon and took in the rays of the setting sun.

He happened upon a shore. He took to the beach, hauled the embarkation onto the rocks. He found a spring behind a copse.
He took the water into his hands and sang to be free and alive.

Woody Allen, Take the Money and rungo here
Tom Hanks, Castawayhere
Zulu, Forest Whitaker, go here
Documentary,  Di Caprio's Before the Floodgo here

Joan Baez, Forever Young, LIVE 2016, go here
with Bob Dylan, LIVE 1982, here
Joe Cocker, With a little Help from my Friends, Woodstock 1969, go here
Frank Zappa, Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitargo here
Leningrad Cowboys go America,  go here
Cold War Kids, We used to Vacationhere
Hang me Up to Dryhere
Patrick Watson,  The Stormgo here

Deauville, April 2013

Brittany, July 2012

Santonia, Spain, Atlantic July 2014

Pyrenees, March 2019
Biarritz, Basque Country March 2019

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The haze has lifted, closing on to 40º C. Have an inspiring weekend.


  1. Very evocative. You had me picturing Forest Gump in his running phase at first!
    Visiting from FMF #32

  2. Thank you Liz. Glad you enjoyed this post. I saw Woody Allen in his film, then Tom Hanks with his Coconut ! You’re right I could have added Forrest Gump ! ‘ Run, Forrest, Run , ‘
    Have a lovely Sunday. Cooler here in Toulouse, France. 38 degrees Celsius yesterday, 40 on Thursday.


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