Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Monday, 8 April 2019

⌗AtoZ challenge, April 8th 2019, letter G

Here is my contribution to the A to Z Challenge of April 2019.
This is the first time I am participating in this challenge, so we'll see if I have the stamina to complete the whole month !
I am also, very ambitiously, writing for the April NaNoWrite ! So the challenge is twofold !!

Hang on to your horse and enjoy the ride. And good luck to all my fellow participants.

G for GLEE

                                 I have been following an American TV series for about 6 months, now, called GLEE. (recommended by my two daughters Alice and Emma). It's about a High School Glee Club, a Choir club. They participate in a Show Choir Competition every year and are not allowed to perform outside Mc Kinley High for money otherwise they are disqualified. There must be at least 12 members from the school and there are three steps : sectionals, regionals and nationals. Their repertoire includes old-time musicals, modern artists, classical crooners, Blues' artists and modern musicals. Their performances are always song and dance. The series also covers the lives of the members in and out of High School : their loves, fears, frustrations, ambitions...the pain of growing up !

The first season sees the re-introduction of a Glee Club at McKinley High (Lima, Ohio) after an undefined period of having ceased to exist from lack of funding and interest. William Schuester, the school's Spanish Teacher, wishes to revive it having dabbled in show choir when at High School himself but having failed to succeed as a professional Broadway artist. The students who sign up are all considered misfits by their peers and need to be coerced into joining the Glee Club because of its unpopularity. members of Glee are regularly "slushied". A bright red slushy is thrown in their face usually accompanied by the catch name "loo.....ooooser !"

Anyway, I'm completely hooked. I love all the characters, the singers, the dancers, the performances, the music...But I particularly have fun with Sue Sylvester, the 'villain', played by Jane Lynch whom you might know as the schizophrenic mother of genius agent Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds.


here are extracts.

from GLEE,  go here

and here, Season 5, episode 3 on
and here

two from Criminal Minds, showing Jane Lynch's acting skills in a very different registrar.

To know more about GLEE and its actors/actresses


Personnally, I find the whole thing very GLEEFUL ! And look forward to watching my next episode in bed, on my iPad, after work, e-mails, social networking, just before reading a good book and falling asleep. Sweet Dreams Glee brings, as Yoda would say !

Thank you for reading. If you would like to share your thoughts, please comment below
and I will be sure to reply. Have a nice 'G' day. Sunny again today,  here in Toulouse, some cloud cover, rain forecast for later in the afternoon-night, but still cooler than we had in March. While writing I'm listening to Gershwin and now Louis Armstrong, Mack the Knife.

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