Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Friday, 29 March 2019

⌗FMF Five minute friday, MEASURE, March 29th

It’s Friday again. We are officially in Spring. 
I am participating in the FMF, writing challenge.
Write for five minutes flat every Friday and post your entry on your blog and on the Facebook group FMF. You don’t have to be on “fesses-bouc” as we chide in French, to participate.
Just go to the Landing page
And follow instructions.

Here is my contribution to the prompt.

❀ A good measure of love in all things, of tolerance, compassion, kindness, joy and peace.

❀ A book by Margareth Forster, one of my favourite authors,
How to Measure a Cow. The difficulty and consequences of shutting out the past.

if you would like to know more click here

❀ A poem/recipe I wrote in 2015, on Blackberry and Apple Pie.


Pick the blackberries from brambles

along a meadow in late August.

Brush away giddy wasps that whip around.

Clothe yourself with long sleeves, jeans and socks,

although the weather is blazing hot.

Or be prepared to tweeze thorns from lacerated skin.

Take a walking stick with a curved handle

to reach those juicy nut size ones at the top

Long legs and long arms cannot be found in a shop.

Wear a cap and sunglasses to fight off the glare.

Don't forget to lift those leaves

where excellence shrinks from the pick.

Bend down to scoop up the apples to balance

the taste. They are easier to free from nature;

they fall from the tree.

Simmer the two combined, with nutmeg

and cinnamon. A whiff signals

Sunday dessert as it coils up the stairs.

Cut up the soft butter into dice:

clack clack on the side

of the enamel bowl.

Sieve the flour like snow

falling onto yellow clay.

Grip the sticky cubes with cool fingers.

Crumb fat and flour together, roll

the paste between forefinger and thumb.

Lift lightly through spread fingers,

like a prayer, an offering to the god of sweets.

Like fluffy feathers dancing between open palms.

Knead and roll out a circle of pastry.

A blue and white striped egg cup holds up the tent.

Stab it ten times to release the steam,

and place it snug in the oven.

©Susan Baury Rouchard 

Have a pleasant weekend. Please react, comment and I will be sure to reply. Sharing is what brings Peace into this world.

Thank you for reading.

Susan Baury Rouchard 

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