Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

In the Sidobre Mountains, Monts de Lacaune

Monday morning washing
the dark colours of the week,
take a peek into the neighbour's

garden, where the pool is still
hidden below tarpaulin muck
the brand newly born mosquitoes

fuzzing around in a cluster.
the cherry tree laden with leaves
and buds of fruit. Clear skies, blue.

The hedge needs trimming.

The daisies covering again
last week's mown grass.

Clean window sparkles bright

light. Spirits lifting in revolution
of stars, sun and spring.

Clothes dry in the warm breeze.

Peaceful silence of birds twitters.
Everyone back at theirs desks.

Tuesday morning will bring

new occupation, But I'll be
whiling the week away with words. 



  1. Hi Susan! Wonderful poem, I didn't know you were a poet! I've joined as a friend, however do you have an email subscribe widget? It's easy enough to add to your blog with Blogger. I just did the same with mine. Yes, I started blogging for the first time in my life two weeks ago. Why don't you check it out? :-)

  2. thank you for signing up Yvette. Don't know if I have an email widget…I'll have to ask my daughters or son !


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