Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Thursday, 18 February 2021

⌗WEP-IWSG Challenge, 18th February 2021, Kiss at an exhibition.

Time for a new year of creative writing on a word prompt and an image. In 2021, we will be exploring Visual Art, paintings or drawings.

Welcome to a new exciting endeavour.

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This month The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

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here is my short piece of prose

Hearts of Gold

    Vera gazed out of the window, at the trimmed flowerbeds sparkling rainbows in the setting sun; the spotless shawn lawns of the Opatja riviera Park. Then, she looked back at the golden mozaics of the painting. 'What a fine setting for this exhibition', she thought; with Sissi's costumes exposed in the rooms above, under the beams of the attic alcoves. Vera reflected on both Sissi's and Klimt's idiosyncratic lives; their loves but also their pains: prisoners of their golden cage.

Roger was intently reading every inch of the biographical section and peering, nose on the board, at the photographs posted there.

    'Roger, come over here. Leave your intellectual browsing behind for a moment,' whispered Vera.

Roger, after an instant's hesitation and a furrow on his brow, shuffled over, reluctantly, glancing back at a group photograph he had been studying.

    ' Look at this one,' said Vera, 'you can already feel the glamour of his later paintings, budding: the tenderness without the glitter.'

    ' You know, he had a very interesting life. You should read that section,' pointing to the exhibits he had just left. 'It sheds light on his work,' Roger said, oblivious.

    'Always wanting to excavate, dissect to understand, ha ha. Oh, Roger can't you just take a step back and soak up the emotions ? he has spread out with his brush all there is to know, the rest is not far from prying.' She paused, aware she would go to far, but said it anyway,' something historians and critics have a detestable habit of overdoing.'

    ' I don't quite agree: emotions aren't everything in art.'

    ' You're wrong there. Beauty is everything and does not need to be picked apart to find its mark. I hate all those theorists of aesthetics, Barthes, Ruskin and the like. I recognise that technique comes into it, in as much as it helps to convey and enhance emotions and beauty when faced with a piece of art; but the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, his sensitivity creates the resonance with the artist's own emotions, even if they don't stem from the exact same experiences.'

    ' I suppose you have a point. I love you however you look, whether in satin and silks or dressed in muddy boots below an old man's rambling coat. You will always be beautiful to me: not only your features and legs but your charm, your mind, your soul.'

Vera offered up a warm smile, half closing her sharp eyes in mock submission; and Roger enveloped her in his arms, planting a full-mouth kiss on her moist lips.


FCA 450 words

La Belle Epoque

how peaceful, watch here

Beethoven and Klimt

watch and listen

Opatja on the Adriatic, Croatia.

Film by Raul Ruiz

watch here

 Gustav Klimt Documentary 2013



  1. Hi Susan - Enjoyed your take on this ... I can learn from creatives, who express their thoughts, even in a prompt, so clearly ... loved your take ... great to see you participating - all the best - Hilary

  2. That certainly was The Kiss! I really should take a look at WEP myself. Thanks for the Beethoven too, a great piece sung by my favourite choir!

    1. Thank you Keith. Still haven't gotten round to participating in the Friday Fictionneers ....
      Take care and keep writing


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