Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Thursday, 30 April 2020

⌗AtoZ Challenge, 30th April 2020, Z is for Zebra.

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Welcome to the 2020 APRIL A to Z Challenge

We did it. Hooray !

like Droopy

Quote of the Day :  Take care of your body so your soul wishes to stay there.
Indian Proverb.

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This last extract from my novel in progress is from the beginning of the novel and follows on from C. Bartolomé hasn't been to his grand-father's funeral yet.

Brief synopsis of plot and characters :

Mathilda, my first main character, is American and lives in New York City. She is a student at NYU where she is preparing a thesis on the origins and developments of African American Music. She is a first person narrator. Her timeframe is 2005. In my previous extracts, Mathilda has travelled to New Orleans, Jekyll Island, Hattiesburg, Florida, Savannah and Cherokee.

Bartolomé, my second main character, is Cameroonian and lives in Yaoundé. He is a professor of Mathematics at the University there. I will be using a third-person narrator for this character from his Point of View. His timeframe is the early '90's. In my previous extracts, Bartolomé has made a trip up North for his grand-father's funeral and decided to leave Yaoundé behind for good.

Z is for Zebra

After a filling lunch of grilled python and bananes plantains with beer, they are off again their hunt, hoping to find a larger catch than the bony porcupine. The sun is now beating down on the treetops, the bush, a steam bath of vegetation. They are soaked in sweat in minutes.
As in the morning, Joseph hacks at the underbrush in front followed closely by Bartolomé with Mango and Pierre, now passably drunk, bringing up the rear. They seem to walk for ages, deeper and deeper into the dark cover. Bartolomé looses track of the sun and time. No rays pierce the thick canopy so they make their way slowly following a hypothetical track left by a furtive antelope. Even the cries of birds are silenced by the gloom.

Suddenly, a shriek rises from a thick branch to their left and a hairy shape leaps over them to catch a liane, then the monkey swings high above to a far trunck. No time to aim the rifle, Joseph turns his head back left. He has heard a rustle in the brush; Bartolomé has also heard something, a beating of hooves on the ground.

" An elephant," says Joseph, "better get out of its way."
They jump back a few feet and wait, at the ready to run in the opposite direction to a stampede. The rustling and thumps increase and in a flash of white, a zebra breaks onto the path. Startled by the sudden clearing in vegetation and probably sensing their door, it halts and turns its head towards them. Joseph reacts instantaneously, rifle up and fired in a heartbeat.
The zebra squeals and crashes to the sodden leaves. Its eyes dart red, legs twitching for a moment, then the body falls limp. Joseph, Bartolomé, Mango and Pierre step forward and bend over their prey.

" Waouh !" exclaims Mango.
" What a catch," says Pierre.
" Rare to see a zebra in this part of the forest, I wonder what it was running from ? "muses Joseph.
" Look out !" cries Bartolomé.
An elephant stamps through the branches just ahead, trumpets at them in fury, shakes its ears and throws its tusks up and down menacingly.
" Easy," warns Joseph. They slowly crouch down beside the zebra, not taking their eyes off the elephant. They all stay frozen for a moment staring like china dogs. Then another rustle rises from the bush and a baby elephant alongside its mother, slowly crosses the path behind the male. One last snort and a shake of its head and they disappear into the blackness.

" Phew, that was close."
" He could have crushed us," says Joseph.
They fall to the ground and strap at the patches of sky glowing through the leaves, spent.

That's All Folks. Hope to see you soon on the Reflections Post and the Insecure Writers Support group question on Wednesday. Take Care and congratulations on completing the A to Z 2020 Challenge.


  1. Congratulations for getting through A to Z! What an accomplishment!

  2. Thank you so much Jacqui. Same to you. Have an inspired May writing.

  3. Hi Susan - congratulations on having finished the A-Z ... it's an epic undertaking ... all the best and stay safe - Hilary

  4. Thank you Hilary. Hoping everything is going well with you in Eastbourne. Wishing you an inspiring month of May.


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