Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

⌗AtoZ Challenge Theme Revealed, Monday 16th March 2020

Welcome to the April 2020 A to Z Challenge.

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My apologies for posting a day late. Major crisis escalating here in France.

Thank you to Arlee Bird for founding and organising the A to Z Challenge for the last ten years, and introducing this blog-hop to me. It has done wonders for my writing, my blog taking off in 2019 and introduced me to so many lovely writers.

if you would like to know more about the A to Z visit here

Thank you to Jaden R. Vincente for today's introduction. Be sure to sign up before the deadline Thursday March 26th 2020.

New decade, new team who have been already working together (or not) for some time, on the A to Z Challenges.
Thank you to J Lenni Dorner, Zalka Csenge Virág, John Holton, Jayden R. Vincente and Jeremy Hawkins. Please be sure to visit their blogs that you can find on the A to Z Homepage (above).

Last Year I participated for the first time in the A to Z Challenge, thanks to Arlee Bird who was one of my first follower back in 2013 when I created my blog writing Susan B. In January 2019, I created a second address on Wordpress and renamed my blog Life in Poetry, reading, writing and reflecting. Both blogs are the same now. On Blogger, you can find my archives from 2013 to 2019, that do not appear on Wordpress.
To visit you can choose between Blogger or Wordpress, the posts will be the same in 2020, as they were in 2019. On the Master List I have put my Wordpress address. For those already following me on Blogger, they can continue to do so without risk of missing out on any of my posts (A to Z, IWSG or WEP).
To read my Reflections post of last year AtoZ, May 2019 (on Blogger)  and on Wordpress here-reflections-may-6th

Last year I wrote everyday spur-of-the moment inspired posts combined with older writings that seemed appropriate (poems, flash or essays). I would like to thank again all the writers who visited my contributions and commented, although I was unable to return the curtesy to everyone, my deepest apologies. The Master List seems to have grown again since last year so the task at hand will be very challenging. I promise to do my best and improve on my number of visits compared to last year. I always reply to bloggers who have commented and sometimes a discussion gets going. This way, I met some wonderful writers who have since been very helpful and encouraging. A few, I sincerely consider as friends although we have never met in the flesh, good old-fashion pen friends ... or Skype buddies.

Here is my list of favourites, which expands over time as I am also a member of the Insecure Writer's Support Group and sign up for the WEP Challenges too since February 2019. Not all are participating in the A to Z Challenge, some I met on Five Minute Friday. Go have a look before the Challenge starts, after April the first you may not have the leisure.

Tossing it Out by Arlee Bird and his Battle of the Bands go here
Alex J. Cavenagh and his CassaStorm books here and the Ninja Captain at the IWSG here
Yvette Carole who introduced me to the IWSG and was one of my first followers back in 2013. visit her fantasy stories here
Roland Clarke at Writing Wings,  a distant cousin on my great-grandmother's side ... go here
Sonia Dogra at A Hundred Quills, who gave me my first Sunshine Blogger Award, here for a cup of tea
Tammy B at Tammy's Reading and Writing life, and Slice of Life, who introduced me to the Five Minute Friday and nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award also, see her teacher-writer's life here
Toi Thomas at the ToiBox of Words who is always so full of energy and encouragement, my kinda girl, share her love of comic books, vinyl records and chocolate here
Richa at iScriblr for her Bundle of Joys, her Freedom of Expressions and lots of other goodies, here
Denise Covey at Paris in Love - A Moveable Feast, for her books and exciting travelogs, not only about Paris ...visit here
Olga Godim for her fantasy writing and so much more, here
Keith Hillman at Keith's Ramblings for his exciting reviews, travelogs and beautiful photography. visit here
Stoner On a Rollercoaster for her stunning poems and interesting reflections , hop on for the ride here
My Sunshine Blogger Award post, 16th May 2019,  discover here  and on Wordpress here

I will of course be visiting many other writers participating in this year's A to Z Challenge, including new blogs (for me) picked from the Master List.

Theme Revealed

Last year, I attempted to participate in the NanoWriMo at the same time as the A to Z Challenge.
What a crazy idea ! I quickly gave up on NanoWrite and concentrated on the A to Z. I couldn't even churn out a story for the April WEP Challenge Jewel Box.
So in 2020, to act upon my frustration at not having put the month of April to use on my novel in progress, I will be writing and posting extracts from said NIP. Not whole chapters and not necessarily in chronological order.
However each post will figure a self-contained episode of the story which will further the whole. Every day, I will write up a very short synopsis of the context , within the novel, for the extract.

If you would like to know more about my novel that I started in 2005 and for which I have mostly been doing planning and research up till 2020, please visit the related posts :

IWSG March 2019, post on point of view, Post on Elephants (A to Z, Trunk)

on Blogger  read here    and    here;

on Wordpress    read here   and  here;

In preparation for the A to Z Challenge, 10 extracts are ready and I will be writing more over the next two weeks so that each day I can concentrate more on visiting all you exciting writers (can't wait) and discovering your contributions, as well as replying to your comments.

Wishing you all a fabulous April 2020 and stay safe.
The virus can't insinuate itself through a screen ...

Spring Showers yesterday in Toulouse, France. This morning cloud cover with a welcome snubber around ten. The neighbour's cherry tree has offered us its first white blossoms. My tulips are coming out one by one.
See you all on your Theme Revealed.

confined to the house as of today

Good thing I have my books and postcards to travel with. 

tree next door with pink blossoms turning white today

my newly planted olive tree

the forsythia today

he's looking after us

wild flowers in my garden

my tulips 

the new cherry tree blossom in the neighbour's garden


  1. Thanks for the mention among all these great bloggers! I will for sure follow you and them! Excited for the A-Z challenge this year

  2. You’re welcome. See you on the A to Z. Have an inspiring April.

  3. I'm not like you, I don't do research for any of my writings unless it's necessary, guess I'm too lazy.

    Good luck with your novel and the A-Z challenge.

    And thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a lovely day.

    1. You’re welcome Lissa. I think every writer has a different way of doing things. The most important is enjoying the writing, sharing and finding your audience. Have an inspiring week.

  4. Several of those bloggers you mention are either WEP buddies or AtoZ buddies. All the best for the challenge.

    Take care, keep safe and well.

  5. Thanks Nilanjana, will visit your theme revealed shortly .... an enormous backlog of commenting to do on IWSG and AtoZ themes. Have an inspiring week.


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