Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting

Life in Poetry reading, writing, reflecting
April showers bring May flowers

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

⌗FMF Friday 30th August, BACK

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Time for another Five Minute Friday post.

Join Kate Motaung and her gang to write five minutes flat on a word prompt.

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This week BACK.

Thanks to Kate for her post. Back to school.
Out of three, we only have one left at home, going back to work at school. She is a child-carer in primary and kindergarten (which lasts three years in France). The eldest daughter lives and works in London and left 6 years ago already. Our son is leaving this year to study in Nice, journalism ...

For BACK, I wrote this poem.

Looking Forward

We have to get back
to the place we were
before. The garden
gorging with tulips,
butterflies and bamboo.

Back to the meadow
carpeted with wild
daisies, the drone of bees,
the chirping of crickets.

The sweet air breezing
on the wind. The pure
light of unhindered suns.
Back to picnics on the rug.
Cucumber and egg&cress.

Back in time to those glorious
days lazing in the grass;
building castles in the sky;
moats and towers in the sand.
Back to the water's edge.

Toes malaxing mud awaiting
the waves. They lap our feet
and hurl frothy foam
on our upturned faces.

Turn back the clock.
Rediscover the pages
of wisdom.  Al-Kindi,
Galileo, Socrates. Etchings
on Anatomy by Leonardo.

The monsters are back.
They encroach on freedom;
steal our souls; pollute our
minds with lies.

Back to the bench.
One step forward,
a horde drives us back
to obscurity once more.

Gather round the hearth.
Pour your guts out. Weave
the blanket anew
and march towards
the sublime.

Jacques Brel, Le Plat Paysgo here

Veronique Samson, On m'attends là-bashere
Eagles, Hotel Californiahere
Alain Souchon, Rame and Belle-Ile en Mer, here

Back in Time, Steven Spielberg's film, Back to the Future, go here

HG Wells, The Time Machine, 1960, extract , the Future, here
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakirhere and here

The Meadow, Elie du Bois
May 2019

Sissi's Riding Clothes
Opatja, Croatia
July 2019

Sunset, Mougins, Cannes
July 2019

Russian toddler paddling

Paul in waves, Alum Chine
August 2002

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment, discuss , like or dislike, and I will be sure to reply. Sunny and still hot here in Toulouse. Dew morning and evening. Autumn nip in the air at night.

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